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Kristina Nichols ‘11 

Every time I fight with you,
It seems to break my heart in two.
I’m scared when we don’t talk,
‘Cause I’m afraid that you might walk,
When you’re there and I’m here.  


Immutable Self

Emma Hanson '11 

May that cursed time
Right before summer be damned.
I first awoke then,
Crying out in the bright light,
Confronted the two people besieging me. 

The first of which leaps and laughs,
Joy pulsing forth from her very being.
Her happiness infecting anyone she meets
Like wildfire on prairies,
Dancing to the wheat and to the rye.
She sings out, caught up in this
Maelstrom of chimerical wonder. 

The second will yell and curse and scream,
A boor in every way.
Her gelid glare and grandiose growl
Bite the lives she encounters,
Leaving carrions behind.
Animosity emanating from her
Diaphanous soul, this labyrinth,
A sadistic path to her true
Feelings of sorrow keep her
Always on toe. 

These opposing forces
Forced to meet,
An imminent battle to the death.
My mind racing and spinning,
Effete from the struggle.
Every attempt of ceasing the attack
Dissolved in an instant. 

That cursed time when I first awoke,
Facing myself fully,
Meeting the two of which are me,
My one immutable self. 

They are the reason.
The reason I leap.
The reason I weep.
The reason I sigh
For being a Gemini. 



Taylor Syberg ‘09 

Friends are there for you
Through good and bad.
They pick you up when you fall,
They listen to your problems
Then give you advice.
Friends are good listeners,
They always have your back.
They make you smile,
They make you laugh.
Some friends come and go.
The silver ones stay a while. 

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